Tell-a-Thon @Bangalore Storytelling Society

It has been more than a year, since I have been active participants at Bangalore Storytelling Society meetups. Tell-a-Thon, is a special event, as all the professional storytellers come together to share stories back to back.

Theme of 3rd Tell-a-thon, organized on 31-01-2015, was ‘what if?’. I will not tell more, else it will remove the suspense of the theme. Here is a small description of the event 🙂

  • 1.
  • Chuck Kannafi described a story, set in 17th century in Basel, Switzerland. The story revolved around a person, who accidentally found a hair and decided to marry the women from whom it belongs to. Well, his search taken him to meet a bird, a fish and then finally to the village, where this woman was living those days. The story has then taken interesting twists and turns, including finding water from heaven & hell, searching for the lost ring of this woman and how they eventually got together at the end.

  • 2.
  • Neeta Lalvani described a story about post being delivered to the wrong person. It was a post which no name, no address on it being delivered to a hostel in a town of Northern India. The person who receives this post was always getting curious on the poetic language and messages in the post. Later, when he got to know the actual receiver, everything became crystal clear. You may like to listen this story from her to know, ‘what if’ the post was delivered to the recipient, it was intended for.

  • 3.
  • Rashmi Kulkarni described a story, much needed for each one of us in today’s world. The technological world has taken away the time, which has been reserved for our loved ones. So this story, which has been set in New York talked about a lovely couple, who forgot their own life and gave it to work. Months have been passed and they rarely speaking or thinking about each other, as all the time, pressure of meeting deadline of assignments have occupied their daily schedule.
    One night, there was power outage in New York. Initially outraged by this sudden discomfort in their life, both of them finally realized the missing portion in their life. Life has never been same for them after this and yes, power outage came as a boon for them.
    What if? the power outage did not occur, then these two people, could never realized the missing portion in their life.
    Are you also living in a technical life? May be cut off your technical world supply for a day or two to experience your own life.

  • 4.
  • Story narrated by Viji Chari has very interesting point to make during this entire event. What if? all the fairy tale stories told to kids during their kindergarten were also politically correct to suit the current times 🙂 Can you imagine it? I could not at that time, but after listening the story, I think it is possible. You may need to hear it yourself from her.

  • 5.
  • With Sowmya Srinivasan, we all took ride to our own history. A history of partition of Indian Subcontinent. Partition of Indian Subcontinent could have averted or something else might happened , if … can you make a guess? The illness of then Muslim League founder and founding father of Pakistan has been known to other leaders. A great example of how history could have been re-shaped, if only things went in slightly different direction. Are you saying to yourself, ‘what if?’

  • 6 .
  • Lavanya Prasad described a beautiful perspective on what can come out of jealousy. She has described more about a color blind painter and her usage of colors in an painting. In the exhibition this artist was asked about, how she get the thought of such exceptional usage of color. The answer went first in the classroom, jealously among classmate to impress their art professor and finally an angry person just throwing color after color on a clean white canvas.

  • 7.
  • The event ends with a beautiful narrative of Romeo and Juliet by Aparna Athreya. It has taken inspiration from famous ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story and asked each one of us, a very simple question. ‘What if, if we could predict choices in life?’ After listening to the story, I say life would have been more unpredictable with more choices. The life would be more complicated with more choices, so it is better to live life the way it is 🙂

    Based on the observations during the event, information not necessarily need to be factually correct
    Thanks BSS for providing free entry pass for this event

    About Bangalore Storytelling Society
    Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), a not-for-profit collective, formed by professional storytellers in 2013, is dedicated to reviving, nurturing and promoting the art of oral storytelling. It organizes theme-based story events, and create opportunities for story lovers–of all ages–to tell and listen to tales and re-discover some of what we’ve lost in this wonderful, but somewhat isolating, technological age. This Flag ship event has already seen two seasons and now their 3rd edition at Atta Galatta promises to be a knock out too.

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