Confucianism urges life-long learning

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

Blog forum at The China Daily-English

As part of my learning of China from past 2 year, I happened to know some of the teachings of Confucius. Like in India, intellectual foundation are made by religious books ; Confucius teachings forms the basis of intellectual China.

Confucius teachings: An important aspect in understanding China

Everyone, who is not a stranger to China is familiar with two words, ‘Confucius’ or ‘Confucianism’. As far as I know, in the classical Chinese, teachings of Confucius has been given a prominent place for centuries. His teachings play a prominent role in building of intellectual foundation of China. They are deeply embedded into Chinese society and knowing more about China requires some level of understanding of Confucius teaching or knowing ‘Confucianism’.

History of China is incomplete without studying anything about ‘Confucius’. I got opportunity to read some of the teachings of ‘Confucius’ while studying online course ‘China X’ from Harvard University. One of them deeply strikes me and this can be very much relevant in today’s world. From one of the English translated version, this is what I could conclude. I am not sure, if this is exactly how it is being said by him, but my interpretation is something like this.

‘Always try to learn yourself in order to develop yourself and cultivate real good in you, this way you will be able to live in harmony with each other’.

It was said centuries ago for people to live in harmony with each other but we are in 21st century, how it can be useful for us?

Life long learning

This statement can be interesting to apply very much today. Now a days, we have only started to see learning only while in university or when trying to climb the professional adder. But I think, it can be a good habit to learn for on regular basis not necessarily for only those two purposes. If I am right to understand the word of Confucius in a proper way, than by self-learning, a person can be harmonious. We can change our self, interact better with the surroundings and fell more enlighten everyday. Imagine, how better way to change things !!

This can be a question you will ask me, what a person must learn every day?? 🙂 Frankly, I do not know as it varies from person to person. Don’t you think that there is so much to learn, so much to gain? Without actually formally going through he books and just observing your surrounding? Observing people? Interacting with people and learning from them? Do you think that this can make you harmonious?

Let me conclude my post by asking you a very simple question. What you learn today? In your life? In your work? Or just observing the silent life of your city? The people around you.
I will be curious to read your answers.

(Edited version of the Confucianism urges life long learning, first appeared in The China Daily Blog Forum, 10-01-2015)


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