Wedding Night: Murphy’s Law Upheld- Part 4

So far, I have passed around 10 hours of night with no bride went missing, learn the concept of shared auto and indirectly seen a drama in early morning of the cold winter. Little bit to imagine how last few hours of early morning will bring unexpected surprises.

‘ How wedding vows were reinstated?’

It was around 5 in the morning and people were getting ready to depart to their destination. Wedding was almost over and rest of the customs only needed few relatives.

I was thinking to take few hours nap before the next function to start, but again ‘Murphy’s Law’ somehow brought an unexpected turn of event.

In my region (or may be in other regions too), it is a custom to send guests with some food on their return trip. Well, we have already thought about it in advance. The remaining food from last night dinner has been put into 130 packets to serve as a light snack for the departing guests. With the headcount of 100 people, we had 30 extra packets. Those packets were kept at the entrance/exit of the building in self-service mode.

But it brought to my attention soon, that not all people got food packets. Not a single food packet was left and some people did not get it also. ‘How can it be possible?’ I thought.

I had to do something! Without concerning the reactions of all the elders, I decided that no one is going to leave the wedding venue. Security guard of the hotel shut the door, like how we create blockade 🙂

I asked some elders to discuss among them and resolve the matter. After few minutes, for the first time I have realized the seriousness of ‘wedding vows’. One of them is ‘to take care of your partner in both good and bad situation’.

So some of the husband took the packets for their wives in accordance with these vows. The wives did more interesting thing, ‘they took packets’ for their husbands as well as for the immediate family which was not even present at the wedding venue.

Wow!! What a loving people caring for those who are present and also those who are not present at the venue.

Anyways, things were settled after the intervention of few elders and finally everyone got the packets (one per person this time). They were departing peacefully with no hurdles and I decided to take a nap.

It was 6:00 am and I could see the sun was rising ‘from the east’. Just before going to bed for a small nap, my first thought was ‘Murphy’s Law: Upheld again’!

Can you think of something similar? Any interesting memory to share about your own wedding experiences?

Disclaimer: Although work of fiction, it has been inspired by real events.


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