Wedding night: Murphy’s Law Upheld – Part 3

So far..
The bride did not go missing, wedding was going fine other than a confusion over the name but things were far from over. In the last part of ‘Wedding night: Murphy’s Law Upheld’, you have read about how I had to changed my clothes in dark just to be escorted by an auto driver to hire another auto driver.

Well, I am sure, if you are living in India, you must have hared of the concept of shared auto. It is like sharing a space of an auto seat by unleashing the flexible position of your body muscles.

In this case, I was sharing it with the auto driver(front seat). While, driving the bumpy ride of the 3 km, these thought was going in my mind. ‘Why the hell, I am the one who end up doing things like this??’

‘Because you are the only one who can do this! You are the chosen one for this’.

@auto stand

I have reached the auto stand. Believe me, at 01:00 am in the morning, this entire place looked more dangerous than walking in any crematorium. Anyways, I have started to look around to find someone from few autos parked at the stand.

Two of the guys were sleeping and refused to wake up. Another, finally awoke and demanded 3 times more money to do the task. Did I have a choice?

I returned back to wedding venue with this half asleep and lot of satisfaction to once again establishing tasks in unimaginable situations.

‘I like to sleep till 3 am and I can take your guest afterwards, can I?, auto driver demanded to return back to his dream world as there were full 1:30 hours to go to 3 am.

‘Fine, we will awake you whenever the party needs to go’, just sleep. He parked his vehicle inside and I went to do some other works.

@3:00 am, none of those concerned relatives or very dearly people to bride’s family showed up to board their early morning fake bus. I did not care much either, as I knew no one wants to sleep in such cold winter nights.

Drama in the early morning

@4:00 am
Finally, this relative of 3 am showed up to pick 5 am bus. Fair enough!

‘There is an auto at your service at the parking. Just wake him up and he will drop you at your venue’ – I replied very vaguely with intention to somehow hurt his ego for giving me nightmare few hours ago.

But murphy’s law once again! Everything could go fine except one thing, ‘the driver was missing’ – He is not sleeping in his auto. He must have been slept somewhere.

Like a FBI search, a search began to find this missing auto driver. In early morning hours, this exercise energized pretty much everyone without a fresh cup of tea. Everyone from security guards at the venue, workers and relatives were searching for ‘some auto driver’ without knowing his face, his name and any sort of visual identification.
Even, I did not know how this fellow look like. After 30 minutes of searching, a guy suddenly woke up in front of all of us in the main hall. This guy was sleeping in front of us, exposing all his body other than his face. And he did not seems to notice our shout either (frankly speaking, it was the lobby of the hotel, so no one was actually looking for him over there. I guess, in the cold winter, he came inside to get much better sleep).

Well, the clock was showing 04:30 and those relatives were left. I was thinking to take a nap before the next custom will start at around 10:00 am to get fresh, but ‘Murphy’s Law’ was about to strike again..

In the next part

How the wedding vows were reinstated ? And me showcasing angry men image in the last hours of night.. Read the final part of ‘Wedding night: Murphy’s Law Upheld’

Disclaimer Inspired the by the real events


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