Wedding night: Murphy’s Law Upheld – Part 2

So far.. You have read how the bride went missing and my unintentional entry into ‘no-entry zone’. After this melodrama, I got some sigh of relief with things were going fine, until at 23:00 hrs.. Name has got everything.. only if you know the right person to address Since I was in-charge practically everything as being the only local person on the wedding venue. I was also handling the transportation work of being the only local person 🙂 I was communicated that some person named ‘Deepak’ needs to be escorted to the railway station to catch his train. So, who this Deepak may be? In the crowd of 100 strangers, how I am supposed to find him and then escort back to the Railway station.. Those were my early thoughts. Suddenly, my eyes were focused on a person with small suitcase, looking to go somewhere. Instead of asking, with my pointed finger, which I have said in a very pitch high voice, ‘Deepak??’ when he nodded his head like a positive sign, I immediately tell him ‘let’s go’. The cab driver was with us for more than his expected duration and I thought this is going to be his last trip of the day. So I also went on this trip with him to settle financial matters. We reached station and this person got down, and started asking from auto drivers for something, instead of going inside the railway station. I did not understand for few secs! until I got a call from the wedding venue. Some person named, ‘Deepak’ is waiting for me at the waiting venue and another ‘Deepak’ needed back at the wedding venue immediately. the real Deepak who was supposed to be at the Railway station is waiting for me at the venue. This ‘Deepak’, whom I have accompanied was carrying some gold jewellery and that’s why he was carrying them all the time with him in the fear of not losing them. This ‘Deepak’ to whom I escorted till station was actually trying to book a ride for 6 am from wedding venue. As I did not ask, he did not answer and both of us never tried to know real purpose during the 10 km ride. Amid confusion, it came to my realization that there were 3 people with the same name in the pool of 100 strange relatives/guests. ‘Another mis-fortunate’ incident with someone whom I do not know. Never mind, I returned back to the venue, send the right person with last ride and told the cab driver to go home. Definitely, the name has got everything until you know whom you are addressing. What if, I had picked the right ‘Deepak’ and asked the same question earlier. Never mind!! I told to myself. It was almost mid-night and I did not see any more work until the next morning. I send the last cab driver home to come next morning. Practically, there was no vehicle left for the wedding venue to serve anyone. From Bride’ brother to auto driver’s helper Time:00.00 One of the member from bride family informed me about an elderly couple willing to leave at 3 am in the morning to catch a bus. By default, this family member was telling me to arrange transportation. ‘3 am?? It is cold winter night, who even wake up 3 am to go to bus station and besides this, I was not even aware any bus leaving at that time’. But did I have a choice? Considering a close relative is involved and prestige is always an issue in Indian society, cut short summary, I need to arrange something for them. There were no vehicles at the venue, as I did not thought of having one before 6 am next morning. There was a possibility to get auto, though nearest auto stand was 3 km away. In normal conditions, walking 3 km is a routine exercise for me. But, I was exhausted from non-stop working from past 16 hours, it was no longer possible. I have spotted a small vehicle in the wedding venue, getting loaded with all the curtains and catering stuff as wedding function was almost over. I saw an opportunity over there and asked this person, ‘Would you drop me to the nearest auto stand while going back?’ ‘Bhai sahib(dear), I can but you need to change your clothes and wear something much less good’ – Auto driver. I was surprised by his response but looking at my elegant dress, it made perfect sense. I was after all brother of the bride and very well dressed. Looking at the condition of that vehicle, my elegant dress can turn into pieces through sharp angles or just get so black not even cleaned using bleaching powder. It was another nightmare, as most of the rooms were occupied by ladies. Somehow, I accepted the fact that women take more time in changing clothes when they are in group. I was able to get my less elegant clothes from one such occupied room. Next thing, I did was finding a very dark corner in the entire venue and changed my clothes, without getting spotted! Did I have a choice? So what happened next… Did I get success in hiring an auto? Did those elderly relatives felt happy?? And where exactly is Murphy’s law being missing.. Read it in the next part. Disclaimer Inspired by real events


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