Wedding Night: Murphy’s Law Upheld – Part 1

Before starting, let me ask you a very simple question.

‘How many of you are married?’ just keep the answer in your mind and do not say anything more. And on the same note,

‘How many of you know Murphy’s law’

Keep your answer with you as I will get back to you at the end of ‘Wedding Night: A perfect laboratory for realizing Murphy’s Law’ 🙂


It was sometime in February, when I took responsibility of handling a wedding.It was the wedding of my distant relative sister and they have no other local contact other than my family and the bride-groom. So, with lot’s of free time in hand and passion to handle complex tasks, I became kind of administrative in-charge of 100+ unknown family members. Little bit I realized, that this was going to be a…. Night … With Murphy’s law was going to be upheld.. How? Read it through yourself.

(Inspired by real events, though this can be a story of any traditional Indian wedding, especially in northern India :-))

Part 1: When bride went missing

The day has passed with some difficulties. There was an uncle from whom I was very much annoyed. Although I am a calm person, but he was lecturing to me about how I should become a responsible person, husband, father, grandfather and anything other than telling about himself.

No doubt, I was trying to avoid conversation with him, but he came sometimes around 20:00 hrs saying, ‘Hey Ankit, the bride is missing.’

‘Okie, let’s go to police station and report her missing, they will find out where she has gone?’I replied very causally just to ignore him.

He says with slight shock ‘What’

I have suddenly surprised to my own thoughts and said ‘What?? How come bride go missing??’

Well, after making few calls and in the matter of 10 minutes apparently I have figured out what uncle wanted to say (indirectly though). The bride was waiting at the beauty parlor and the ladies who were supposed to escort her back were went for shopping. To my surprise they have also sent cab driver (the cab which we have rented for to and fro for entire day) for an early dinner at his home, when I have arranged his dinner to be at the wedding venue. So, there was no way he could come back earlier.

Let me remind you people, even though there are people who handle stress and take many such work like I did, Bride not the bridegroom is the most important person of the wedding evening. There is no doubt, she needed to be at the wedding venue as soon as possible.

Who is going to bring her back? Who can do this in minimum time? You are right. That’s me!! 🙂 who else.

Entering into ‘no entry’ zone

I have reached the parlor through the another of car we have rented. I called my sister to come out of the parlor towards car and then I will take her back to the wedding venue. There were some more car and some other man waiting like me!! It was busy season and I estimated from the number of cars that there should be 5-8 brides inside considering the busy wedding season.

My sisters insisted me to come inside, as there are some of her belongings which needed to be taken care of, as her escort went into shopping. She could not take help any of the employees inside either, as all were busy preparing brides.

There was a small technical problem with this. I always considered Beauty Parlor as no-man’s land and I just cannot go inside it. My sister was calling and I was not picking up my head walking to think, what to do? What to do?

Finally, I have confronted by psychological fear after burning my head for about 5-10 minutes. I went inside the parlor and confronted directly by the owner lady with straight question, ‘why it took me so long just to come insider’?

‘You have written No Man Allowed on the door and I certainly do not like to break the law in front of my sister’, I answered hiding all my guilt.

Everyone, including brides and staff (all were ladies) at the parlor were laughing, as if they have never seen a joker like me. For a moment, I thought of causing biggest embarrassment of my life but felt proud to accomplish the task.

I have returned with her to the wedding venue on time, just to get some sigh of relief before ….

In the next edition..
So, what happened next? How I became part of improvised ‘shared auto’ concept? Please read the next part in my short story.


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