Providing consultancies to foreign firms (Kota student showcased talent)/विदेशी कंपनियों को दे रहा कंसल्टेंसी, कोटा के छात्र ने दिखाई प्रतिभा

rajasthan patrika

(In Rajasthan Patrika, Kota, 23-10-2014)

Translation from Hindi to English

Headline: Providing consultancies to foreign firms (Kota student showcased talent)

Known for coaching of medial and engineering exams, students of Kota are now showcasing their talent in many other fields. Going further from engineering & medical, now youngsters are also coming forward in the field of management and consulting. Ankit Khandelwal is showing one such example through this recent works.

After finishing MTech from Technical University of Denmark, ankit is now working as a consultant to companies of various nations after finishing his online MBA. Ankit did his btech from Vellore Institute of Technology and got offer to do Mtech from Technical University of Denmark. And he has made his name at international level in 2 years over there. He has also collected 250 free website on a single platform.

After providing consultancies to firms in Mexico, Africa and Netherlands, Ankit is now preparing a curriculum on global manager. After specific studies, a foreign publisher also gave him an offer to write a book on the same topic. In 2012, his blog has been included in world’s 5 best blogs.


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