A Students Path to Becoming a 21st-Century Global Manager

india west

I always wanted to be a manager in the long term and liked to engage in solving complex problems. With this aim, I worked hard alongside my engineering education to gain many relevant soft skills. I wore many different hats — whether it was managing the family business, organizing events at university, preparing cases for the biggest engineering competition in Europe, participating in a strategy planning competition at the national level, leading a multicultural team, advising a startup in their expansion plans or writing grant applications to get funding from the EU.

Whether they were small or big, taking on different roles prepared me for working under pressure, making quick decisions, working effectively as a team and dealing with uncertainty. In early 2012, I realized my potential and interest to combine all these things and become a 21st-century global manager. This is the kind of person who is a quick learner, has an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, has the ability to work outside his area of expertise if the situation demands, can work anywhere in the world, make decisions with the least information available and can communicate with any kind of person. How is it possible to become such a person?

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(A student’s path to becoming a 21st century global manager, in Indiawest.com, 16.10.2014)


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