The Soaring Growth In The Global E-Learning Market


As a part of a quest to become what he terms a “21st century global manager,” Ankit Khandelwal earned his engineering undergraduate degree in Denmark. Then, wanting to continue his studies at prestigious learning institutions such as MIT or Yale, he returned to his homeland of India to find a world of learning opportunities at his fingertips. He quickly logged on and tapped into the power of global e-learning.

Khandelwal’s online education is currently being featured on the International Council of Open and Distance Education (ICDE) website. It truly underscores the growing appetite for e-learning throughout the world. From the comfort of his own desk, he completed courses in general management (human resources, business strategy, etc.) and future trends (urban planning, demographic changes, environmental law and policy and disaster preparation.)

Khandelwal’s ability to enroll in impressive programs such as from MIT’s OpenCourseWare, Open Education Consortium, Open Yale Courses, Open Learning Initiative-Carnegie Mellon University, Copenhagen Business Center and a variety of MOOC platforms, including edX, Coursera, NovoEd and Open2study was possible due to increasing commitment, interest and partnering between government, education and other entities. It’s all part of a global effort to ramp up international e-learning infrastructure and outreach over the past several years.

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(The soaring growth in the global e-learning market, in, 05.10.2014)


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