Maximizing your learning through online tools: Strategic Planning- Part 1

saylor academy

Editor’s Note
Editor’s note: this guest post is the first in a short series by Ankit Khandelwal, a prolific student of online courses. This article covers ways to use freely available materials to develop confidence and competence in business management skills outside of a traditional degree program.

You may have heard of the term strategic planning – “an organization’s process of defining its strategy…and making decisions on allocating its resources” (Wikipedia). If you are enthusiastic about business like me, this can become a core part of your day-to-day life. If you are aiming to study business strategy using online courses, with limited resources of time and money, then this post can be helpful to you.

Based on my experiences, I present an alternative angle to understanding strategic fundamentals, maximizing your learning from online courses and practicing your knowledge in real life situations. In the very first part, I will describe my own way of looking at strategy, share some easy yet often ignored resources of energy, and offer a small piece of advice. In subsequent posts, I will add more information related to courses, projects and some other usage to help you maximize your learning.

Read the full article here


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