edX Meetup at Microsoft Research India with Anant Agarwal and Deepak Phatak

Photo credit: edX

Photo credit: edX

Event description- Meetup page
edX Meetup at Microsoft Research India Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, and Professor
Deepak Phatak of IIT Bom bay who will be teaching the upcoming edX course
Introduction to Computer Program m ing, Part 1 , will participate in a live Skype
conversation with edX students from Bangalore on Thursday , July 1 0. Join the edX
Meetup at the offices of Microsoft Research India, and hear from professors Agarwal
and Phatak as they discuss the future of education and their work with edX. Then, join
in the conversation for a live Q&A and ask them y our questions to learn m ore about
edX and its upcoming courses. Also in attendance in Bangalore will be Rem y
Mansfield, Education Program Manager at edX, to meet with students and learn about
their course experiences. Enjoy snacks, meet other edX students and talk to edX
professors live via Skype!

Event experience
In this event, Prof. Anant Agarwal talked about the future progress of edX and involvement of other institutions and making the platform open. He has also talked about the involvement of other institutions especially from India. He has talked about within few months, openedX will be launched and lot of other people will be able to afford many things like playing and creating their own content.

Later, Prof. Deepak Pathak from IIT Bombay has talked about the modified version which is soon to be launched in India in Indian languages. He has also described the plans of making more projections in India.

In this event, we were also fortunate to meet Researchers from MIT who are doing work on improving the edX as well as online education experience.

Event page:
edX meeting, Bangalore information


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