Using public libraries to grasp knowledge in management and world affairs!

just books

How did I start?

It was early 2013, when I have shifted to Bengaluru for few months just for a change and also to work on my management study program. I was very well aware of ‘Just Books’ by that time. My friend has taken subscription of ‘Just Books’, but he was not able to anything out of his subscription due to his busy schedule. He gave me his card card to use, so that at least someone can get benefit of his investment. I liked the ‘Just Books’ store from the very first glance. Public libraries in India are not as frequent as they are in other countries. I have used many public libraries during my master studies at Denmark. Though ‘Just Books’ is a private organization(paid public library), I very much saw it as a public library. As part of my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project, my objective is to maximize my knowledge about different global regions, business and culture. It could have been possible by either readings or magazines. This could been only possible through ‘Just Books’.

Daily routine

It was part of my daily evening routine to walk 5-6 km daily to visit ‘Just books’ outlet located near Forum Value Mall, Whitefield forum. I was studying all the different magazines available, which could be difficult to buy on personal expenses. Magazines like ‘Harvard Business Review’, ‘Time’ , ‘Economist’, ‘Nat Geo’ were my favorite. Not just magazines, I spend almost 2 hours daily in reading many other management books, travel tips of different regions available in different sections. This trend continued for around 5-6 months and it has enhanced my learning to the great extent. Atmosphere at the ‘Just Books’ facility was calm and good for any reader. And staff was very friendly and supportive. In the later months, I shared such a good rapport that staff knew what magazine I was looking for and they give it to me as soon as I entered into the store.

This public library support for few months worked very well in my favor and enriched my knowledge and finally finished my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ with lot of knowledge of global affairs, market trends and management.

Just Books – Homepage
Facebook page- Just Books


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