Opening doors of Africa: Thanks London School of Economics

London School of Economics-Africa Initiative

Why Africa?

There are many reasons to know more about Africa. My relation with African continent started in 2008, when I have volunteered for an online project on South Africa under UNDP. Even though, there was internet, there was lack of information about this continent.

But my real interest started in 2012. As part of my ‘Envisioning 21st century glbal manager’ project, I wanted to expand my outreach in this continent either through networking or through gaining more knowledge. It was part of my efforts to understand more about the global business & trends. I have studied few online courses and also studied reports from World Bank, UN and specific information in business newspapers. From that, I got to know more about the emerging economies of Africa and the important role, these economies are going to play in future.

In April 2013, for the course ‘Foundations of Business Strategy’, I was doing an analysis on an African firm, in my effort to expand my knowledge of Africa. Despite searching a lot, I could not find many of things (apart from the firm), which could be helpful in making good strategy. What I was lacking the knowledge of social and political development, which are very much relevant for any business. So my search started to get more about Africa, in a way that I can use it for something.

How did I come to LSE?

Last year (2013), I was taking the course ‘Latin American Culture’ from Tecnológico de Monterrey. In that course, we were given a link to view an ongoing discussion about reforming Latin American Political Process. It was actually organized by London School of Economics (LSE). Out of curiosity, I have checked the university website and somehow checking pages, I have reached to Africa section. I was looking for getting more information in some proper sense about Africa from a long time and LSE-Africa section seemed to be one of the best places to get information. I liked the blog and started to read it on frequent basis. This has improved my knowledge about this region significantly. From knowing cities to religion, from economy to recent problems, it was a very good coverage of Africa to get everything at a single place. It was also good to see Africa in a new light, in more positive ways to judge situation much better. It is so good, that today I can put some sense and cultural sensitivity while reading a news about Africa now than before.

Although it is still debated but for many Africa is the place, where the first human put his/her feet on the earth, so knowing about this region is always fascinating. It is also the place, where lot of activities will happen in future due to discovery of natural resources and growing economies. After studying extensively for few weeks, I have subscribed to the e-mail updates of LSE- African section and glancing them every week. Through these updates, I am getting to know more about this continent from many different angles. I hope to use this knowledge in future and continue to gain much more updates like before from LSE-Africa section.

I like to say thanks to LSE African Initiative and London School of Economics in general for providing quality material even when I am sitting far away from your location. With this short note, I also like to thank London School of Economics and team of LSE-African initiative for helping indirectly in my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project.


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