Kingdom of Internet: Care to read about it?


‘ A short time ago in a place, which is not so far away at our work place, exists the Internet Dynasty. This dynasty survived its existence with motto to serve mankind better. It has faced stiff resistance form the dark side such as: Anti Virus, Hacking, ACTA, Slow Speed, Bandwidth Jams etc but they conquered them, and continued forward. After so many developments, dozens of operating systems and infinite computer programs later, they are heading towards new journey, this is their story ‘



Internet Dynasty – Early Years


Early Kings!

The picture above gives a clue about the early years of Internet Dynasty. It was born in Logic World with fusion of Curiosity & Mathematics. First member of the family named , ‘Code’ itself. It was very tough time as the newly born code has to figure out his places of resting ranging from large halls due to its underdeveloped brain during those days.

It was during the spring of year ‘hardware development’ and our king ‘Code’ has lost his heart in ‘Databse’. She comes from the prestigious & wealthy Storage Family. Their wedding was marked as a business wedding bringing two great families together.

Increasing the size of empire

Their son ‘Program’ upheld the tradition of spreading the wings of empire and conquering the new territories. He also used wedding as way to increase the length of his empire and married to ‘Server’ on his way to conquering TCP/IP kingdom. Through wedding, there was no reason to fight and the Emperor ‘Program’ has ended its campaign there itself.

WWW was born

Then the bravest King of the Internet Dynasty, after whose nick name the whole dynasty is remembered in the history has been born. It has been named World Wide Web by his parents ‘Server’ & ‘Program’.


Internet Dynasty – Current Years

Current Years

‘Internet’ the newly sworn king of empire, wanted to move aggressively beyond the borders of TCP/IP. He faced stiff challenges from the current empire due to lot of new versions are keep coming out. He was able to maintain his empire but it took him a long time.

He might be getting old and sick but he wants to retain the supremacy of his dynasty. So, he adopted a talented young person and supported the controversial wedding of ‘Front End’ and ‘Back End’, as both of them come from the opposite families of the computer kingdom. Due to dominance of the Emperor, ‘Internet’ no body was able to protest this wedding. In fact, it brought the positive effect on the kingdom leading to more collaboration.

Birth of Website and Influence of Communism in Empire


Son of ‘Front End’ & ‘Back End’  is named as ‘Website’. ‘Internet’, who was still theoretically the owner of Kingdom was impressed with the qualities of young ‘Website’ and named him the new king of the empire.

From the young age, ‘Website’ is very much influenced by the idea of communism and he thinks that power of empire lies in the hands of the people. So he always wanted to reach more among the people, thus making ‘Internet’ a symbol of ‘friendship’, ‘helpfulness’ & Freedom.

Later, ‘Website’ a talented girl from visualization family named ‘Graphic’. Graphic shared the same communism thoughts as Website and together they thought of making ‘Internet’ kingdom the best places to live in the logic world.


Websites always loved the idea of services done by letters to carry emotions from one place to another. So he named his son  ‘E-mail’ to remind people about the best way of sharing their thoughts. ‘E-mail’ which has fulfilled the dream of bringing people closer in the internet dynasty, always have a crush on  a girl named ‘Messages’ from the family of ‘communications’.

They married in the early 21st century to give birth of two children, namely ‘Social Networking’ (elder one) & ‘Professional Networking’.  And so, the Website family still rules the Internet Kingdom.

This was the short description of the Royal Family, they have many cousins namely search engines, cloud computing etc which might appear in future :). Also, no empire is safe from external/internal threats, same goes for ‘Internet’ kingdom too. So clashes are inevitable, but can a deal being made to bring peace among all the Empires? Future will tell.

(Illustration: Star Wars & Roman Empire)

(This piece of writing is purely a work of fiction, so half of the information might not be logical 🙂


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