An Introduction to International Trade Negotiations: University of Korea

korea university

Lot of new factors emerges when an organization decides to go from National to International Trade. And there starts the very beautiful journey of understanding WTO(World Trade Organization), Free Trade Agreements, Tariffs & Quotas. With my interest in becoming International Manager, I was curious to know impact of trade policies on international business. Not necessarily in depth but just needed a good overview. This course provided a good overview of the tariff barriers, Free Trade Agreements, Quota limits etc. I have also seen some documentaries for improving my understanding about the trade negotiations. Using the material from the world trade organization, it was possible to know the reasons of some of the past conflicts among different nations.

This course also become part of my ‘Zero Cost MBA(Global Manager for 21st Century)’ project.

>> Course page of ‘Introduction to International Trade Negotiations’
>> Korea University- Open Course Ware

Open Education Week -2014
Open Education Consortium


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