CSR Plus – Technology Entrepreneurship Course Project

stanford online

This project was part of the Standford University online course, ‘Technology Entrepreneurship’. We formed our team, worked on our business idea, did market analysis and got our work evaluated by other teams.
We have identified CSR sector in India as our focus area. As required, we created the Business model canvas, tested the value proposition with the potential customers, formed Opportunity analysis and execution report, made Marketing page (http://jigarbvn.wix.com/csrplus#!marketing/c1jwz) and finally the Personal Business plan.

Mission: To join forces for societal, economical and environmental development, making the world a better place to live.
Team Members Ankit Khandelwal, Jigar Panot, Maitri Sisodia
Fundamental problem: Many big companies use Corporate Social Responsibility funds and available resources for the societal upliftment, development of the backward economic classes and relevant activities to improve their visibility and social status in the society. But, many companies are unable to find suitable causes and NGO’s/NPO’s they want to work with.
CSR Plus provides a platform to the companies wherein they can connect with the required organizations and also helps them execute various events and activities. Apart from execution, CSR plus also helps companies with annual scheduling of CSR activities.

Analysis: As required, we performed the following analysis to implement the idea.
1) Created a Business Model Canvas.
2) Tested the value proposition with the potential customers.
3) Opportunity Analysis Report: Estimating the market size by doing face to face interviews with the potential customers, modifying the Business Model according to feedback received.
4) Opportunity Execution Project: This includes making sales and marketing strategy, funding, revenue and risk analysis, describing about target partners and allies, distribution model.
Risk analysis

Revenue Model

5) marketing Page read here
Marketing strategy

6) Personal Business plan

‘Technology Entrepreneurship’ – Course Review


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