Local hand in foreign land

education times

For students aspiring to study abroad, blogs could serve as a slice of life, a ‘what-to-expect’ guide when they land in a new country, says Prerna Shah

The blog of an Indian student studying in Denmark had recently been rated number five in a ranking of world’s best student exchange blogs. Ankit Khandelwal, who started writing since 2011, reflects on a number of things exclusively Danish — the food, culture, layout of cities, his sense of bewilderment and awe at the new system and his gradual acceptance and understanding of the same. His blog receives many comments from school students in Denmark who reflect upon his entries as part of their school assignments to take a new look at their country from the perspective of a foreign student.

Read full story here

(Local Hand in foreign land, in Education Times, 20.08.2012)


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