How to prepare, give and evaluate training

training for the trainer

The webinar started with some of the very basic questions which are encountered by every trainer:
– How to keep participants engaged?
– How to give a good lecture?
– How to make a lesson plan?
– How to make an evaluation sheet?
– How to measure the effectiveness of training?
– How to determine the ROI of a training?

Trainers then started to answer this question by focusing on ‘how to adults learn?’. Very simple, Learning by doing. Then it was more about creating a learning environment, making a training plan, importance of role-play and scripting the training sessions.

There were also a discussion about advantages & disadvantages in adapting different methods of presentations. How variation can engage the audience? Why making participants visualizing the situations can boost the message? were some of the methods discussed to improve training presentations.

The webinar ended with a need to have a good evaluation to determine the success rate of your effort and further improvements.

Training for the Trainer – Homepage


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