Forget Master Chef, take part in Master Bake Competition (Part-1)

There is always a trend of making sequels of successful blockbusters movies. But contrary to films we do not see much of such things on television front, producing close to mo sequels (as far as my knowledge is concerned).
This is the time when everyone just eyes on one of the best shows called ‘Master Chef Contest’ is coming on the channel and it is known for its best competition. Thinking on the similar lines, I thought what can happen if we have ‘Master Bake Competition’ with following criterion: Those who don’t know what is ‘Master Chef Competition’ please refer to Wikipedia.Org.
******* Announcing Master Bake Competition – Do you want to be Part of it??******************
Day: Sunday

Time: 8:00
Channel: Name anyone

Levels of difficulty:
Participants will be judged on the following criterion. If all of them becomes equal then we will do it by using lucky draw.
1. Minimum spillage/wastage of flour while baking
2. Amount of water needs to be optimum
3. Need to increase the way it is being done (More use of physical power than machine)
4. The hands must not be sticken too much with the prepared Baked Flour.
Candidate selection: To be disclosed later 🙂
Want to take part in it, then keep watching this space…..

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