Cooking and Surrounding Atmosphere: Case Study- Indian Kitchen

I am sure all of you are aware of that our Earth is surrounded by a thin layer of Air. If you  already know more than this, then skip this paragraph and jump to the next one.Otherwise continue reading this :). So this layer has been further subdivided into 4 portions based on the distance from ground measured in the vertical direction. They are called Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Troposphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere. You can read more on about it .  The layer consists of different kind of gases.

Let’s get back to our story. Imagine that Indian Kitchen represents the ground earth and area around this kitchen as our above mentioned atmosphere.  For this story, we will measure distance in horizontal direction rather than vertical. Considering the time of cooking as  one of our  reference in defining these layers, kitchen atmosphere in my view can be defined as:

1.       Troposphere: This is the layer closer to the Gas oven/stove and during frying process emits lot of gases. Most of changes occur in this atmosphere. The particle of this air contains smoke, some special spicy smell and breath taking uncomfortable standing.

2.       Stratosphere: This is the layer which can be assumed outside kitchen. The presence of thickness can be felt easily but it is not effective as it should be. You can smell the presence of emissions in the kitchen, but there is a little effect of changes on you.

3.       Mesosphere: This is the boundary just outside the house where cooking is taking place. The air is not much polluted and still rich with living gases but presence can be felt by visual inspection of smoke coming out from the kitchen window.

4.       Thermosphere: This is somehow 500 meters away from the house, where presence cannot be felt. You might breathe properly but mind if the entire locality is cooking at the same time, there are chances that it will cause the same damage as sun rays are causing to ozone layers. For some time the presence can be felt.

5.       Exosphere:  This place is not significant as it is quite far away from the house and cooking process can not affect atmosphere of this place.

Those who experienced cooking here can find it very much familiar, for rest this can serve a good reason to travel to India.

Ps: If any one of you have a good photo which will be suitable for this post, then please send it to me.


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