Caught Accidently in a Problem with English??

I do not listen Radio Shows much, but as a coincidence this show caught my attention. It has also prompt me to spread the message of ’emphasizing English learning in a proper way’.

So here goes the story of Mr. X. Mr. X is a well  mannered  person in his 20’s , he speaks very good English. But he often get annoyed by English of other people, especially the people who do it for Show-Off. Particularly with his Sister-in- Law Mr. Y.

Mr. Y once told him in front of very lager crowd, ‘You are very impotent person X’. (Correct: You are very important person). This created huge personal trauma for X when every person here and there ask him, if he is impotent.

X has a younger sister studying in a different city and was expecting tenth board exam results. Y came to X one day and said with smiles ‘She passed away’ (Correct: She passed the exam). X got a mental shock for a moment but knowing the habit of Y, he cross verified the claim to feel better later.

In another incident, a girl from the neighborhood gave X a large sum of cash to deposit in the account. X simply asked, ‘why you are giving me so much money?? She said, ‘I have full lust on you’ (Correct: I have full trust on you). This was heard by X’s wife and from that day onwards, his wife doubt on every women he talks.

These are some of the examples encountered by Mr. X and in the show he asked everyone to spread the message. The message is pretty simple, Speak English but only after knowing what you are going to Speak.

Do you also have such similar experiences, incidents then please try to share this message with everyone.

Courtesy: 95 FM Tadka Radion Station(Kota)


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