Where growth is horizontal rather than vertical!!

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

This is not an economic forecast, company share value or GDP (Gross Domestic Product) information.  What I was talking about the structural differences in the way houses are being built in Denmark.  The unusual pattern led to various interesting discussions with my Danish friends. I am presenting some of them here:

Try to look at the houses in Denmark slightly away from the city centers. You will observe a unique pattern in the houses. Most of the houses are made on a large scale with expansion on horizontal level. Surprisingly you will not see many houses with 2nd or 3rd story in their houses. Title of my blog post can be simplified based on this observation which says,’ Growth/Expansion of the house is flat (horizontal) rather than straight (vertical).’ The more surprising fact is that, usage of lift is almost invisible. In fact, it is rare to find out lift in buildings. Especially, buildings in capital Copenhagen are quite old. You might get scared while climbing up from one of those old wooden stairs.

Man of my Danish friends agree to this fact and they said that there is a plenty of space in Denmark, so they prefer to build and expand houses in horizontal direction rather than straight ones. Someone even said that, expanding house horizontally will reduce the heating cost during winter, though I have never tried to investigate this logic scientifically.

But nevertheless, this trend is changing now rapidly. In Copenhagen itself, hi-rise building are on the rise. City center is also getting a new shape.

So if you are coming to Denmark then you may or may not witness this trend, but if you do visit outside cities than do not forget to see the horizontal growth of the houses.

(Where growth is horizontal rather than vertical!!, in Denmark.Dk, published on 24-05-2012)


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