Spirituality! A missing link in Denmark

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

Title might looks surprising to many but it is a reality.  Not many people in Denmark go to church on a regular basis. Add to this, recent news from the Church ministry of the Danish Government reveals falling number of visitors at the places of worship-ping god. Let’s not talk about the spirituality, as this topic has been discussed widely by everyone.

Talking about the title of this post, I have to give some brief background. I am from India where spirituality is part of day to day life style of the people. People take out time for their busy schedule to visit temples, mosques, churches and other religious places to worship. For most of the people, a day starts with morning prayers and offering to God. Evening prayers on the bank of some rivers attracts people for other countries also. Apart from daily prayers, festivals are part of life coming throughout the year.

Coming to Denmark was quite a nice surprise. Not many people here go to Churches on a regular basis and spirituality in day to day life style is also missing. Even not many festivals are celebrated in Denmark. I spoke to many of my Danish friends to get reasons behind such thinking.  Since most of them are young, they tell that they do not really call themselves religious and prefer not to follow it at all. Many of them openly call themselves atheist.  Considering Denmark is a free and open society, this fact can be easily accepted.

As my conversation lasted only with young people, it will not be good idea to scale up my opinions about entire Denmark. But still, if you are coming to Denmark from the country like mine, then be ready to see this kind of surprise too.

(Spirituality! A missing link in Denmark, in Denmark.Dk, published on 18-04-2012)


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