Open ended discussions, an attitude which might look sarcastic sometime.

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

See the following 2 sides before going through my analysis presented in this post:

1. Denmark is an open society and Danes are very open minded people. Though they may look reserved but once become friend, they are very open minded and love to discuss lot of issues.

2. ‘Danes are very sarcastic in nature; they make fun of everything they talk even criticizing others and their food and happenings’ complain many of the foreigners.

This is very confusing thing as I felt both of them myself and thought of writing about it, especially for the people who are planning to come here. I found that Danes are very open and love to discuss everything. But not everyone is so fond of it.

It is difficult to describe what is right or wrong. Let’s try to go a bit depth on it. Openness in Denmark is welcomed by everyone who comes here. What made me more surprised that Danes even do not mind getting criticized for something? They are the fun who makes fun of themselves easily without getting too much worried about it.

Looking at the other side, when Danes interact with people from other nations, sometime friction occurs. Many people are proud of their belief and somehow do not want to discuss about it. In some cases, it can go slightly farther when many people get offended by this attitude. Now, for a normal Dane who is not aware of this situation, he is just talking the way he is used to do with everyone in Denmark. So if you feel like this then the best way is to tell your fellow mate about it and I am sure he will respect it. This is the openness in which you can easily express yourself and so far I have not faced any issues related to this.

I am not a judge of anyone’s opinion but just expressing my views on one of the most common misunderstanding which occurs many times. So if you are coming to Denmark, be ready to face this misunderstanding and also be open to tell your fellow Danes about it.

(Open ended discussions, an attitude which might look sarcastic sometime. , in Denmark.Dk, published on 30-01-2012)


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