Buy New One or Repair The Old? A Confusing Question.

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

There is no doubt that Denmark is one of the most expensive places in the world. But what makes this as major expensive place??

This question was in my mind from a long time until last year I finally got a reasonable answer. Last year, my laptop suffered some problem and stopped functioning. I took it to the computer shop from where I bought it. My laptop was almost 2 years old and at the time of purchase had price tag of 4000 DKK. When I got to know about the repair cost, I was slightly surprised. It could take upto 1000 DKK just to examine the laptop depending on the level of difficulty. Replacing the machinery inside and other things are added expensive. I was advised to buy a new laptop instead of spending money on the old one.

Coming from the place where repairing considered as much wiser option then buying new one. This looked me very strange. I spoke to my Danish friends and their advice was same. They said, it is very costly to have things repaired in Denmark, so most of the people opt for new one especially when it comes to electronic gadget.

This answers my basic question. There can be numerous reasons but servicing is expensive in Denmark. That includes not only electrician but almost all the other sectors. This was the reason why many of the students prefer to buy raw material and cook themselves instead of buying lunch/dinner in the market.

Going by the above facts, do not be surprised if going through a garbage area you will find plenty of unused electric equipment’s. The reason is the same most of the time.

It is one of the common trends in Denmark which I observed while staying here. So if you are coming to Denmark in future, then I am sure you all are going to get the same confusion. But since you know about it, you all can prepare it.

Ps: By the way, since my laptop was under warranty period, I got replacement after 3 weeks.

(Buy New One or Repair The Old? A Confusing Question., in Denmark.Dk, published on 30-01-2012)


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