When Music Flows in the Air!! It is difficult to resist…

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

Can you imagine 70,000 young people, die-hard music fans in a very small area?? Can you imagine people camping for continuous 7 days for 16 hours long days, dancing all day and night even beating mercury rises during summer?? Well, if you happen to be in Denmark, then you know the answers already. If you are still unaware, then read my description below.

Location: Roskilde

Duration: 7 days

Time period: Last week of June- First week of July

Music is in everyone’s soul and it is for some people time of relaxation and for some just to pass the time during the bus journey. Music bands are popular all over the world for their unique style of presentation. Music festivals are one of those events, where several such top musicians come at a single place .In Denmark, every year this festival is organized at Roskilde and popularly known as Roskilde Music Festival.

Roskilde is a place, situated 35 km west of Copenhagen and can easily be reached by train in 30 minutes. People prepare for this festival in much advance. Going to this festival requires lot of spirit and after in Denmark this is the time, when most of the people finish their exams and just start summer vacation.  The festival is famous in entire Europe attracting people from many countries and it is increasing year by year.

In recent years, Roskilde festival has been center of attention for lot of environmental friendly initiatives taken by organizers. Last year, they invented a new concept for making things comfortable when approximately 70,000 people go to toilet day and night. They also worked on making area much more flexible to move around during the crowded portion. Thus, Roskilde Festival is serving as a testing ground for future inventions.

Since I never been to this wonderful festival, I cannot describe my experiences in this post. But from the people I heard, the experience is amazing. If you happen to be in Denmark during this festival, I suggest you to go and try out yourself.


(When Music Flows in the Air!! It is difficult to resist…, in Denmark.Dk, published on 20-01-2012)


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