Numbering arrangement system in general: Strange but interesting

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

It was few months ago when I along with my 3 friends went nearby theater to watch a popular movie. Since we went together as a group it was obvious that we prefer to sit together. We mentioned this preference to the lady at ticket counter and asked to give us tickets together if it is possible. It was a long queue so we could not immediately see our seat numbers. Finally, on reading the seat numbers, each one of us were confused. Our seat numbers were 3,5,7,9.  Alternate numbers? Did she hear us or not? We went to designated movie hall where one more surprise was waiting for us.

This is how the numbering looked like in the movie hall.

1 3 5 7 9 !!!!! Open Corridor !!!!!   10  8 6 4 2

After looking at this pattern of sitting arrangements, all our anger has gone within a matter of seconds.  The lady at ticket cashier gave us right tickets.

But my confusion remained there about this strange pattern in sitting. I have been to many cinema halls and numbering is done like (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..) not like the one I have displayed it above. It was slightly special to see the arrangement according to odd and even numbers.

I did not need to go too far to witness one more example. My own university has this kind of room arrangement system.  Entire floor area has been divided with a corridor in middle with rooms on both sides. Rooms at one side are starting with odd numbers and continuing with odd till the end. The same goes for other side just that they are starting with even numbers.  This was visible in many other department buildings.

For me it was very interesting investigation to find out reasons behind such different numbering system. I just got to realized that old buildings have often such systems but may be new buildings (including my dormitory) do not have this kind of pattern.

Whatever is the reason behind it, it is very interesting especially for the Mathematics lovers. And if you are coming to Denmark, then be ready to experience this new pattern of numbering. Sooner or later, you will observe it too.



(Numbering arrangement system in general: Strange but interesting , in Denmark.Dk, published on 18-12-2011)


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