Talk by The Peres Center for Peace

Pares Center for Peace

This talk was organized at Technical University of Denmark to tell more about the peace efforts by The Pres Center for Peace among the two nations. Although these two countries are often in the conflict with each other. The event has highlighted that there is a possibility for some peace by restoring the dialogue among two communities.

Some of the highlights of this talk were:
– Positive aspects were generally ignored by Media. The lack of direct communication among the people left them to rely on media, which generally paint a negative picture of the situation.
– Different political groups have different political agenda’s, causing lot of problems in resolving the conflict.
– Children are easy to change or easy to mould in certain situation. The ongoing situation of conflict will only create a generation which does not like each other in future.
– People from some countries (especially Middle East, Asia) are very much emotionl and it might be difficult to explain them the reasons to change.
– The talk highlighted the role Pares Center is playing in building positive dialogue on the both sides of the border. The center is focusing on 3 aspects; Business & Economics, Environment, Medicine & Health Care.

The Peres Center for Peace, Israel


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