Innovation Camp at Technical University of Denmark- Nourishing ideas to Rethink about Cities


Can you imagine 100 future engineers sitting and discussing 25 novel ideas to solve some of the problems all of us going to face in future?? Innovation camp at Technical University of Denmark was one such effort to address some of the key issues megacities will face in future. The camp was part of a 6 month long campaign ‘Rethink City Challenge’.

So what is this Rethink?? Let’s see the current situation. Population of the world is growing day by day and according to few predictions, more than 50 % population of the world will live in cities by the year 2050. This will add new problems to the existing ones. Some of them are traffic congestion, pollution, health, governance etc. Rethink city was an effort to collect problem solving ideas and mature them enough to show the light of reality.

The campaign was launched in December 2010. Top technical universities around the globe were contacted and engineering students were encouraged to submit the ideas in a virtual idea market. Idea Market was an online trading platform. Every registered students were provided with virtual money to comment on the submit ideas, discuss, share and buy. Over 1400 registered students discussed around 500 ideas in during 6 months duration.

Top traded ideas were reviewed by Panel of expert based on innovativeness, feasibility and potential to solve issues. 25 top teams were invited to take part in Innovation Camp held in Technical University of Denmark (19th -23rd June, 2011). Students arrived from as far as Australia, Mexico, India, China, USA, Canada, Malaysia and close from Sweden, France.

Students were coached by number of key experts from industry and academics to improvise their ideas. They were challenged to extract out as much information as possible. Apart from learning students were given a glimpse of Danish Culture and Denmark through excursion trips to Helsingor Castle and Copenhagen. The social activities made interactions among participants more enjoyable.

Innovation camp ended with the prize distribution function at Copenhagen City Hall. Awards were given to most promising, novel and feasible ideas. Although Innovation Camp is over now, but every participants understood their responsibility to further build up the ideas and spread the words. Not only they gained knowledge, experience, and network of bright engineers but also they got glimpse of Danish Culture, Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen.

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