Open Door Policy- Position doesn’t really matter here!!

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

Some people might disagree from what I am writing but this is based on my own experience. J

Let me describe the core of this post by taking excerpts from the very first conversation with one of my Professor here at the university.

“In Denmark, we follow open door policy. That means that our doors are always open as long as we are not doing something important or in a private meeting then we always have time to talk about the matter. Everyone regardless of position follows this policy everywhere in Denmark creating a very informal way of approaching and also promoting equality in work place.”

It was hard to digest at very first instant that such things can exist. I always used formal ways to approach to anyone in the higher authority and it had to be tested before I could essentially understand it. But as the time passed and now after staying for more than a year in Denmark, I found it quite true.

This working style (Open Door Policy) is visible everywhere whether it’s academics, organization or even public offices.  I can cite very fine example from my one of the visit to a company. While discussing about the informal approach (Open Door Policy) at Danish Work Places, I was told that it applies to even CEO of the company. Off course, no one will disturb others without any reasons, so there are very little chances that such things will be misused. Lot of thoughts came into my mind (mostly positive) after knowing a lot about this.

One is that everyone is equal at the work place as all were given equal consideration. Although different roles are defined, any hierarchical difference doesn’t seem to be visible at first glance.  It was totally a different kind of experience for me and I was really glad to have this feeling. No doubt, that this can be the reason most of the people in Denmark serve for one company during their entire career as they don’t really feel about being part of something.

So if you are coming to Denmark then don’t worry about approaching anyone. If you find the office door open, then just go, knock the door and  say with smile, ‘Hi, do you have some time to talk?’. And if he has time to talk, then for sure he will reply with smile, ‘Hi, yes, let’s talk’.

(Open Door Policy- Position doesn’t really matter here!!, in Denmark.Dk, published on 02-06-2011)


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