Confusing but yet effective- Danish Transportation Zone System!!

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

One of the first things you will notice while travelling in Denmark is the clip cards. More or less, everyone is using them in their day to day travelling. It’s one of the effective ways of getting rid of buying tickets again and again at the same time allows you to access any kind of public transportation between two  journey points.

Now let’s get back to the title: Zone system, Let me describe you briefly what is it. Most of the cities are divided into number of zones with zone 1 starting from city center and extending towards all corners of the city.  Once you identified your journey points, you need to count the number of zones either by using the zone map of by any other means.  You just need to clip that many zones that you are travelling.

If it’s so simple than why I am talking about confusion??

Let me describe a hypothetical situation to create confusionJ.

It’s yet another sunny day in Copenhagen and a person was given responsibility of showing 35 tourist in an around of Copenhagen.  He was given bunch of 9 zone, 3 zone and 2 zone clip cards as a mean to use as tickets while travelling. For the first journey, he did all the calculations using the following formula:

No of clips of 9 zone card: (No of people* No of Zones between starting and end point)/ 9 ;

Similarly, he figured out for other zone clip cards too. It was fantastic ride but suddenly he was informed that few more people might join them somewhere during the ride. He was slightly surprised and started doing all the mathematics again to fit the clip cards exactly same as total number of zones( No of people*No of zones between starting and end point). People found him all the journey with a pen, paper and calculator doing calculations.

Well, it was not a mathematical puzzle too difficult to solve. Sometime it becomes just way too confusing that you need to be good at numbers in order to arrive at right figures.  This is something even most of my Danish friends sometime get confused about and if you are coming new to Denmark, then possibly you need some time to get used to it.

Travelling on a specific route daily will not cause any problem, but changing this comfortable situation to something uncomfortable as I described above will really put your Mathematics ability on test. So, be aware that this system is very good, effective and reduce your time most of the time. But on encountering situation like above it may increase your time. J

(Confusing but yet effective- Danish Transportation Zone System!!, in Denmark.Dk, published on 02-06-2011)


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