Cross-cultural understanding – a strategic competency in a global environment

Photo credit: Accenture

Photo credit: Accenture

    Crosscultural Understanding- A strategic competency in a global environment

In this event, an expert in cross cultural understanding highlighted the difference between Eastern and Western world. She has highlighted that understanding different culture is a key skills, because our cultures has programmed as the way we see the things. Not understanding other culture may effect the decision making process by either speeding up or slowing it down, both in short and long term. She has said that identifying the best practice from different culture is the key for success in multicultural world.

    Experience sharing by Accenture employee about international teams and project management at Accenture

Mr. Niels from Accenture has shared his perspective of working in different countries. He has higlighted how management decision, communication, hierarchical culture can vary from places to places. He has given lot of advises he and his collegauge are managing global workforce at Accenture.

    Competitive advantage in the future race for Jobs

Mette Skovbjerg has highlighted the changing world order with importance of BRICKS. She has highlighted that managing things across different culture is going to be an important skills in future. In her view, with the advancement of virtual working, the distance between places has already reduced. In her view, we are now creating homeless MNC’s with work spanning across the Globe. She highlighted a future workforce with highly knowledgable, with felixble approach, ability to adapt to situations and able to communicate across different geographies.

My experience
This event has enhanced my perception about skill set require to work in future managerial positions. Culture, language and ability to adapt to new situations has been the topmost. Needless to say, this event was one of the key reasons behind my ‘Envisioning 21st century global manager’ project. During my project, I have given lot of emphasis on understanding different culture, learning foreign languages and identify the economic conditions of emerging and developed markets.

Link to the event:
Cross-cultural understanding – a strategic competency in a global environment event by Accenture


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