Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

Venue: Study Room, team meeting of study group of the course

Day: Friday

Time: 4:00

One of the teammate,”Let’s finish it by 5.00 which ever extent we reach and then we can look on it afterwards”.

Me: But we can spend slightly more time and finish it today itself 🙂

Teammate: “Come on its friday :)”, my team mates with Smile.

So this is Friday, the 5th day of the week which comes after Thursday and before Saturday. But Friday, in Denmark means official start of weekend, a time to relax, fun, chill out with friends. This is clearly visible in offices, study groups and many other work places. As soon as clocks touches 15.00 or so, people start leaving for home(its also to be noted that they come quite early in the morning).

I tried to take deep insight into this Friday fever and found its something I have never experienced. For me, Friday was some kind of day where I can think two days off from going to work place but not off from work. It was also meant that I can travel to some other parts of city to see few of my friends(comparing the bigger sizes of city in India) but my perceptions has changed completely after coming to Denmark.

Friday means, off from your work entirely (more or less) and spending time with your close ones, away from the day to day week life and gaining energy to start again on Monday.

This trend is visible everywhere, most of the shops and other necessary stores are closed during Saturday and Sunday. So If you are coming to Denmark then be prepared for the Friday alias weekend.

(Come on! It’s Friday on Denmark.Dk, published on 15-04-2011)


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