From I to We, Me to Us!!

Official website of denmark

Official website of denmark

You might think that title tend towards a serious discussion or story line, you are right J. Its serious with slightly funny side. But it is neither a story nor any Oscar winning movie script.

So, ‘I’ tends towards individualism and ‘We’ tends towards People. Me is about only one person and Us about a group of people in other words ‘Team’.  In the next few words, I will describe the shift in my mindset after coming to Denmark. How it changed from single person thinking to overall team and responsible thinking.

Emphasis on team working is a part of normal work life in Denmark.  No matter what you are doing, what is your task, if the task is slightly big than its obvious that it can’t be done alone and in such cases you have to call others for help. But if you don’t know how to work together than instead of help it will be a troublesome thing. Let me explain this learning from studies point of view.

It was sometime during September, 2009 when I started my master studies. The very first class, we were divided into the group of five and we were expected to deliver an assignment within two weeks.

It was a very tough challenge for me. Although I love working in teams but not like this when in a very short time I have to know my team mates, define the task, distribute the work among us through discussions and then working together to achieve a common objective.   A lot of problems  occurred as we started working. Most of them were about adjusting as per other team mates, changing thoughts in a common way something like compromising some ways just because other team mates did not agree.  Sometime it was really frustrating but my teacher and team mates helped a lot at the initial days.

At the end when I looked at size of project, different competence it needed, I realized that it’s simply not possible for one person to do work alone. Also, adjusting with the team mates was not an easy task at first.

Today, when I am very comfortable in working in various teams, I realized this experience as a valuable tool to learn from other team mates at the same time working on focused area. The flexibility and understanding among team mates comes as a benefit, often some of our team mates could not come due to various reasons but it was handled by other team mates without compromising on work.

Although Team working is mostly a buzz word in corporate life, but it was visible in every corner of life in Denmark. When it comes to any kind of task, people easily organizes themselves into teams as if it is very natural to them. Such level of professionalism is not only good but also it makes thing clear in everyone’s mind. By saying this, I am not saying that individual work is bad but working in teams is the requirement of time and the earliest you learn it, the better you gain from it.

So if you are planning to come to Denmark for either  studying, working or living. Then be ready to feel the ‘Team working Spirit’.

(From I to We, Me to Us!!, in Denmark.Dk, published on 04-04-2011)


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