Summer Course-Through My Eyes!!!

Summer Course in Copenhagen!!!

Let’s start with Valle and her anglo Spanish style, god helped me during her dressing time, but I promised her to learn some Spanish by our next meeting time.

Confusions were always generated for our French friend, but Jonathon I admitted at the end that you are a naturally born Belgian brain

What shall we do with the Czeck traitor Martin?? What shall we do with the czeck traitor Martin?? Throw him into prague early in the morning.

Geo-tourism might have emerged from the centre of Europe, here comes crying Monika but now smiling all the time .

Cheerful smile turned into tears in eyes, hope my friend  Mateusz from Krakow, you had a great summer time.

Let’s make a cirkul of slow bikers, no matter how slow she is, please welcome future tour-de-france winner Rita from Lisbon.

Coming from Belgium, stealing bike from Copenhagen, breaking law all the time but not drinking beer, don’t you think cedric its a very big crime?

Participants night was  a great surprise, but changing gender at a first moment was not so nice. But I did not mind bearing that torture since finally I want to make all of you smile.

Coming form Milan, but showing true respect to Brazil, Everyone respected Isa’s spirit by dancing with her on samba during the international eve.

Always sending post card, wherever he has been, interested in lecture notes I truely respect his feelings since everything is green, but tell me diego, have you ever surf facebook even in your dream??

James bond will fail, FBI will be defeated, Science will run short of answers but efforts to solve the  mystery behind the secret connection of hand and hair of Rafeala will always be endless.

Born guitarist, passionate photographer with a genuine smile most of the time. Ladies and gentleman please put your hands together for talented Konstantious from Greece.

Cutest in all but crying without any reason, sweetest all the time but troubling google search by an indirect religion.  Made delicious pasta, stefania my dear friend how I can forget your Italian nose without any special reason.

Arrived in Copenhagen without a champagne but brought a great sense of humour and lot of French smile. Thanks for your helping hand buddy  and hope to have this strong friendship Clement for entire life time.

Giving kisses in return of Estonian candies is not a crime, but drinking 40% alcohol sometimes is not at all fine, a sincere request cant you accept flying kisses my dear Railli, the Estonian queen ,during most of the time??.

I lost the bottle of ‘Wednesday’ after a long and sweet night, cristina from cluj-napoca was declared someone’s English pronunciation  teacher that night.

Born in the same country, but might not have the same dream. We may speak different language, but my dear friend Venktesh we both came from the same extreme.

Supported all my decisions, obeyed everything as a true student .Let’s have a closer tie Alex which even Mother Teresa had never thought in her dreams.

Through silent but still a patientfull listener, though teacher on her own but passionate to learn every time. Sorry mam for speedy English style, but Cigdem I will never dare to ask  meaning behind your Turkish name in a funny style.

“Are you single, Sara?” will never be the question from me again, keep smiling always but never try to kill me for the same mistake again and again J

My Belgian friend and partner of the pink love night Pieter the great, Thanks for bearing me all the time but there is no more announcement from me at this stage.

OMG!! Will someone stop Tara from listening Salsa & Serbian music?? I admitted it to be bit annoying but sometime it was completely extreme .

Here comes the model guy chosen by every opposite gender of this stream, sorry my Austrian friend Viktor but I am sacred of 80% storh and burning chocolate even in my dreams

Never found in organisers place, as Ali found his good company in some other room. But whenever called for duty, this Turkish guy never left us alone even during the middle of his dream.

Spider concentration camp was worse then nazis, but why Graziana is not sending Italian mafia’s and polluted pizzas even after going away from this street??

Expert in dancing, looks good when she is angry, quite tall in height is Ivnaka our ukranian friend. Peaceful most of the time but killed me when called Russian when a slip of my tounge and gentle smile made mistake of life time.

Afraid from riding during the Tivoli night, Bojan from Serbia gave us a big surprise.Never ended the best spirit, but tell me during the roller coster why you were so shy??

Last but not the least, Thankful to Patrycja for her massages and smile. You made me alive and became saviour of my life, don’t dare to forget me because I am coming to meet you in a month’s time.

Writer: Ankit Khandelwal( Ex-Mo and now your friend)

Acknowledgement: All the participants, co-organisers and other organisers who made these two weeks as one of the most memorable days of my life.


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