I am a girl!!!

I am a girl… just got out my teens..
Who never thought.. how life been.
I want to love.. being with my friends
Enjoying great laughter.. and talking non sense.

I want to fly… just like kites in the sky
Daring to touch the blue skies… ignoring without wings how can I fly
I want to climb those high mountains…without knowing the heights
Dreaming to dive deep into the ocean… keeping all the fear aside

I like to dance in the rain… without caring about cough and cold.
Want to see rainbow…. and experience difference in the colors
I want to go outside… exploring this beautiful earth and meeting charming people
Saying good bye to boundaries… and keeping worries inside

I want to behave like a kid…. Without knowing how much old I am
Sleeping even after the sunrise… keeping alarm on and awaking all the people at the same time
I want to sit on papa’s lap… and remember my childhood days
Finding tears in my eyes… whenever I see any kid gonna cry

I see myself in the mirror…and think like a beauty queen
Want to look like a princess… and dressed like cindrella
I want to be become like Barbie doll… dressing as a princess and searching for the prince
Dreaming about someone day and night… not knowing when he will come and take me out

I want to meet santa clause…without knowing in which birth he will come and meet me so close
Enjoying always… and brining smile on others face.
I want to be like fairy tales… and use their magical powers
Help in nourishing others dream…. And bringing prosperity in everyone’s dream

Written by: Ankit Khandelwal

Special thanks to Arpita Khandelwal for providing idea and first 3 lines .


12 responses to “I am a girl!!!

  1. @ Deepika
    I also felt that it could be improve.. but it was written very long back(Around 3 years or so), and I dont have track of my thoughts of that time :D, so its original version 🙂

    Thanks for your praiseworthy comments, I will keep them in mind during my future works.


  2. bru, poem bhaut achi lagi……………..
    tum kab se likhne lag gaye yar…..
    tum sab kuch kar sakte ho …..I think


  3. @Ruchika
    Thanks sister. He he, I am writing from may be from 4 years 🙂 But never made my work public like this.
    Na na na.. its just an hobby. I am still a human not a robot :D.


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