Discovering Praha-Part 1


One of the oldest cities of Europe,Praha( In English Prague) was founded around 1100 years ago. Was the centre of business, cultural exchange for many  years. Also affected by the two World Wars. Featured in many world famous movies like XXX, Mission Impossible etc. Old town is situated on the river Vltava in Czeck State. It is the capital and largest city of Czeck Republic.

( All the above information is available in Wikipedia too :))

Destination Chilli Hostel

This is me with other mates waiting for the bus just after coming outside the Praha Airport. We did not face much difficulty  while reaching  to our hostel thanks to the rapid & well connected networks of bus,trains and trams.

We took one bus and three trains to reach our hostel,  named as CHILLI HOSTEL. The girl at the recption politely said us to wait for the check in at 13.00 hrs ( She said, that the ongoing cleaning process will take mroe time than required).

Anyway it was 11.00 hrs of the morning in Praha and everyone was feeling very hungry. We decided to go out in search of some czeck cuisine to feed our stomach. This area seems to be very close to OLD TOWN , making everything really very-very expensive. Finally we found a Chinese Restaurant and got something to eat.

Other trip mates (Ha, Phuong and Trung) by now knew something about my association with theatre,drama and acting(Though I am not some kind of good actor 🙂 🙂 :). They requested me to show something, I made some crazy and stupid faces( You can see them below),Dont ask for the description please 🙂 🙂 🙂

Enough of me, we returned back to CHILLI HOSTEL, checked in and finally I saw our room( It was a big hall with 14 double decker bed). This double decker bed reminds me my graduation days ( In VIT). After handling the luggage, everyone was ready to go out to see something about Prague.


As I mentioned already, we are staying very close to Old Town, we preferred walking to reach till CLOCK TOWER( More Description with Video in next Post). We saw River, Prague Castle and crossed so many bridges in between( Not to reach other side but just to take few photos :):)).

A tram running across the street of Praha.

Valtva River from bridge

I dont rememebr exactly what this building was(Museum may be 🙂 🙂

Trip Mates

Praha Castle

So it was just going out,take few pictures without knowing anything of the places we are visiting. 😛 Finally we reached close to CLOCK TOWER and passed by market. Each one of us were feeling very cold at that moment( It was around 17.00 hrs), to make ourself slightly heated we entered into a GLASS Shop( Later I got to know the fact that Prague is famous for stuffs made of glass).


So finally we reached the CLOCK TOWER , but it was very dark by now leaving us nothing just to postphoning plans of reaching top for next day 🙂 🙂

It is sufficient for this Part. Remaining Story Later.

Next Part Will Contain:

– Visit to National Museum

– Clock Tower in the Day Time

– Christmas in Praha

Enjoy Reading and let me know about your comments and Suggestions( If any :P)


4 responses to “Discovering Praha-Part 1

  1. hehe…you have a really good memory ^^. The building you are not sure in the above write up is Central Theatre. I will copy your works to my diary 🙂


    • Thanks Phuong!! Now you can understand why my face was looking so sad most of the time during trip 🙂 ( It was my way of observing surrouding things :P).. Thanks!!
      I will update about other places of visits soon.


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