Destination Prague-Finally!!!

So here I am coming with the second edition of my trip detail( Hopefully none of you start feeling sleepy after reading such a long and detailed decription).

Day  2(Remaining Day)

So now we returned back to the our friends house at LUND(Sweden) and made an alternate plan, which does not have anything except that we need to pray for the smooth take off of our flight from MALMO Airport on 21st Dec. I found a new guest at Ha’s House, its a female dog named Boomer( I hope to spelled in correctly). Frankly, I am very much scared of Dog’s sometime but after getting assurance of Landlady( I dont like to call her landlady but cant remember her name :P) , I felt slightly relaxed(not completely). So we took nothing except sleeping and gossiping and observing outside views. It was not snowing but a layer of ice has been there everywhere around us(Not inside the house 🙂 🙂

Day 3(21.12.2009)

Early Morning at Ha’s House(04.00)

Snowfall stopped one day before, so the roads were quite clear to drag my suitcase as compared to former 2 days. But before leaving for the Airport,  landlady of Ha(our friend) was very kind enough to make a special type of soup for all of us as a breakfast. I liked the soup very much( I guess others too liked it, since we were not having many choices  for  breakfast). A christmas tree was beautifully decorated at  Ha’s House.  Before our departure on the DAY 3, all of us took a snap with Christmas Tree(Guest Apperance by Boomer, A female dog at Ha’s House 🙂

Destination Malmo Airport

We started our trip in the same way as we did day before. But it was more cold(I felt like that), we reached the airport and followed the same procedure(check in,security etc) again. This time plane arrived(Slightly late) and we boarded  at around 7.45 am.

It was going to be my first time experience of european low cost airline. This Airline which names WIZZ AIR has the policy of not allocating the seats to the passangers( Its reverse actually ‘Allowing Passangers to Choose Their Own Seat’). Can you imagine a flight with 200 passangers with no fixed seat?? ( It is similar to General Boggi of Indian Railways, just a difference that here number of seats are equal to number of passangers). But it created a lot of chaos early morning( It was still dark at the Airport).

Finally the plane took off( I dont know how many minutes late), I saw snow and snow everywhere while taking off and SUN( After reaching the required Height). None of us were able to Sleep due to Inconvenient Announcements By Airhostess in some unidentifiable English( I doubt if she was really speaking English). There is no need for having so many annoucements for such early morning and so short distance(Just 45 minutes) flight.

Anyway we landed at Prague around 9 am under with a shadow of glowing sun  over the carpet of Snow.

Remaining Story Later!!


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