Desitnation Prague-Part 1

Praha-Paris Vacation Trip

Day 1(19.12.2009)
Departure from Copenhagen(18.00 hrs)

We (Me and my container mate Trung) started around 6 pm in the evening after spending a lazy and slightly cold day. The date was 19h dec( One day after the COP 15 summit). I was still holding the free travel pass issued to me as a member of COP 15 delegation( It was valid only till 19.12 so I did not pay anything to travel till LUND). We took the bus and then train to reach LUND( Two more friends of trung , now mine also were going to join us) to stay night at our friends house. Temperature was not in our favour, by the time we crossed oresund bridge( it is a 12 km long bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden), snowfall started and it was quite visible through train window. We reached the LUND central station at around 20.00 hrs. By that time the whole station and outer area was covered completely by snow and it has not stopped snowing yet. It was the testing time for me and my shoes against snow and snow fall for the first time.

Testing of My Shoes at Lund(Sweden) (20.00 -23.00 hrs)

Bus were delayed by around thirty minutes due to snow fall. We were able to reach our friend’s house at around 11 pm.( We got down at the wrong bus stop and we had to walk around one km in snow). I cant make an accurate guess but snow level was around one or one and half feet high(since it was reaching till my knees at some places when I was going to our friends house). So we have reached her house and by that time my legs were freezing(First face to face with snow, now I am quite adjusted to it). Anyway our friends( Their  Name are Ha Nguyen and Phuong Van) has made good arrangement for us to take rest with Warm Environment at night. So I took nap for three hours 😛

Day2 (Officially Its Trip Start Day: 20.12.209)

Destination MALMO Airport(4.00 hrs)

We all woke up at 3 am( I woke at 4 actually :P), we had some light breakfast( Milk,Bread etc). By that time snow fall has stopped but white carpet was clearly visible when I looked outside( Although it was very dark). The  first bus to airport was on 5.45 with bus stop  just next to Ha’s (our friend) house. We bought tickets online so getting seat was not a problem.But going out in -4 that too at 5 am was like..( cant describe). The landlady (She stays in a rented house with shared kitchen) was also woke up by that time and she was kind enough to ask to police, transportation office to check wheather buses are running smoothly. Finally we started our trip at around 5 am and reached the bus stop. My whole shoes and legs at the bottom were covered by the snow( see the snap attached with this mail). I had to drag my suitcase with full force( Suitcase with wheels are totally useless in such climate). So we took the bus, which arrived half an hour late for flight at 7.45 am.

Tragic Day( At the Airport)

It was dark and dark when we took the bus, everyone was feeling sleepy but suddenly announcement by bus driver got our attention. ‘MALMO AIRPORT IS CLOSE AT THIS MOMENT,PLEASE GO TO INFORMATION DESK AFTER GETTING DOWN’. That means our flight can be cancelled too. Anyway we reached to the airport and collected our boarding passes, but lady who gave us the pass told us that airport is closed and no plane is landing and taking off at this moment. I saw people working with machines to clear runway and other parts of airport but it started snowing again. We were waiting and waiting and at 9 am they announced the cancellation of flight. Now we were slightly worried, since it may lead to the cancellation of whole trip. Reasons are

  • We can not reach Paris without taking halt at Prague, since flight to Paris is from Prague.
  • Heavy snow fall reported in all the parts of Europe, that means there can be cancellation of everything including flight,train and our trip.
  • Our ticket to Paris was from Prague booked two months in advance( Just 9 euros), so if we wont reach prague we cant reach Paris and no money for Paris-Copenhagen Ticket( Which is 80 euros). Now the problem was at this moment everything is so costly( Christmas,Holidays), even going by train to Paris will cost us more than 100 euro, so we just have to pray and reach somehow to Paris( in case we wont be able to reach Prague).

So we did not do anything, except rescheduling our ticket to the next day( same airlines, same flight with same time) .Then we all had breakfast and spend 3 hours at airport just watching outside view( Attached snap), then we decided to come back to our friends house to plan future course of action(No free Internet facility available at the airport).

While coming back from the Airport I took few snaps of the countryside(Can be seen below).

Remaining Story Later!!


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