Winter is Here Finally!!

Months of waiting period has finally over when I saw fog outside from my room window just after waking up today morning. Personally, I share a deep facination about fog and various stories circulates around its impact.  Few of them are delaying flights,trains and journeys in India most of the time during winter season. Now it is in Denmark and very clearly visible(Although it made everything invisible) through naked eyes. As a usual thing for curious person, I started taking pictures from mobile camera even without doing my usual daily start up works(Washing face and brushing the teeth). Pictures came from my camera were not upto the mark, hopefully tradition will change( Next time i will borrow someone’s camera to take pics 🙂 The below one contains a one taken from my room(So clear? :).

I went outside to enjoy such beautiful weather with so gloomy cloudy sky, meanwhile Georgi( My Containr Mate) stopped in between and gave information that it was more dense during early morning(Around 8.30 a.m).  I looked around and found nothing was visible beyond 10 m, I waved Gabrillea( He is from Italy and stays in Container F), 10 steps away form my container. But the fog made everything invisible.

On looking at the above picture, you can sense how it was taken.Dont spend too much energy on it, let me give you some hints to make a quick guess. I was standing outside my container entrance(Location of Camera) and trying to say hi to my friend Gabrilla at the farthest end( Just look at the above picture to get sense), but he was blind enough to ignore and there was  no reply to my hi :(.

Anyway, this was first fog experience in Denmark and I am hoping to experience such colder session in future also.

Just new update, the exams are coming and everyone in campus village ( Even in DTU) has got ‘Study Syndrome‘. Soon, It will  grabbed me also.

In future, I will take you on a round tour of DTU(Denmarks Teknikse Universtat). Please be patient and leave your comment and suggestions to make my writing better.


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