My 3 months in Denmark, Good and Bad Experiences

Today I finished my 3 months in Denmark. These 3 months passed so fast, I still sometime think that I was in India yesterday and now I am here. Just want to share few of my bad,good experience.

1. Staying in  single Room: I have never been in single room, always stayed in triple or 4 beaded room. It was bit strange at first few weeks, now I am quite adjusted.To add more, you can assume I am enjoying luxury of single room now.
2. Study System: It was altogether new, here more focus is on the practical approach to the problem rather than building theoretical foundation. Teachers does not teach much but usually they helps a lot during problem sessions (In time length they are 3 times more than teaching hours).
3. Continuous Semester: The semester runs continuously without any break( Like we had Dusshera,Diwali and lot of other things) for 3 months( 13 weeks) and then straight after this you have exams. After that you can rest a bit during Christmas holidays. Studies here are more demanding and you have to work really hard, if you miss something than it is very difficult to catch up afterwards.
4. Reports and Group Work: Much emphasis is given on the group work than individual approach( In alignment with the industry where works generally done in the teams). And you will realize that it is important to work in groups due to so vast range covered in projects, assignments.
5. Loneliness: It can kill you, your creativity, imagination and everything. Weather after September will never be supportive, it will rain most of the time or windy( Sunshine will be absent most of the time). You want to go out but weather is  unfavourable, you want to talk but everyone will be in his room. And if you don’t consider going out of the room then you will get affected to depression and lot of other things( Happened to me but i recovered soon). Each facility is their at your doorstep but it is one of the problem you need to resolve it. The fast you resolve it, the better is for  you.
6. Teaching: Teachers are very much helpful over here, you can talk to them freely and discuss to them anything you want( Everything outside the subject too). They are open for criticism and always busy in their research work 😛 ( but give you the time when you require).

7. People: People are very much helpful, open minded and far away from egoism. They dont take much pressure on their head, everyone follows rule and works hard during their working hours. When it is time for party, they will do that also. The things I learned from this place it to be organize, do the work step by step instead of jumping and try to enjoy your time.
8. Cost of living: If you are students then it is not much, but Copenhagen is very expensive city. Transportation is bit expensive too.
9. Food: Food is not so expensive if you cook yourself, otherwise it is very very expensive to eat outside. Fruits and vegetables are very cheap( even cheaper from India after currency conversion too). And if you are vegetarian then enjoy madi, not much you need to spend in terms of money but you need to spend in terms of time.
10. Transportation: Everything works as per the time-table, no delay in it. You want to go anywhere, open the Travel Planner) and enter your departure,destination and time you will start travel, it will give you every detail( with map) and even give you time taken for the whole journey. Than you just need to follow this. It is like you can go anywhere,anytime but at the same time it is very expensive too :).

One of the major attraction in Denmark,Sweden and Norway is the use of bi-cycle by almost everyone. Separate cycle paths are made parallel to roads giving uninterrupted ride on the bike. I too enjoyed bike riding during summer time, we travelled to places as far as 30 km through bikes.

11. Culture: Danes are party people, you can not find anyone working ( except we student) during weekend. And parties generally start at 11.00 pm and lasts till 5.00 a.m. in night( off course during the weekends).

I can not remember anything extra, if you anything particular which is missing over here. Please let me know 🙂


3 responses to “My 3 months in Denmark, Good and Bad Experiences

  1. Hi Ankit,

    Pleasure reading your blog, you summarized the denmark experience beautifully. I’m a student currently in grader 10, moving to denmark next year, by june 2013. Heard about free eductaion for PR visa holders. Needed to check out if IB schools are covered under this freeship. Thanks!



  2. Hey Ankit
    Nice description.
    I am planning to move to Denmark in the summer of 2013 as a college professor.
    How are the working conditions for professors in terms of working hours, student-teacher ratio and salaries.
    Minu Mehta


    • Hello Minu Mehta,
      Let me try to provide answers as per my knowledge:
      1. Working hours: Well, in Denmark working hours are fixed and also very flexible. I guess its around 37-42 hours per week.
      2. Student- teacher ratio: Its well maintained on par with standard level for better learning.
      3. Salaries- Denmark is the country where academicians can expect good salary. But I dont know about the numbers.

      Hope it helps.
      Drop me an e-mail on for further queries as I do not check these blog now a days.



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