Jersualem 2050: An Attempt to Protect Humanity

Jerusalem 2050

This published entry was part of the online competition ‘Just Jerusalem 2050’, organized by School of Planning and Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We presented 9 point strategy covering social, economical and geographical aspects to solve the problem of the city of Jerusalem in the year 2050.



Competition description- From the website
As the culmination of our many activities, the Jerusalem 2050 project is now ready to launch the Just Jerusalem Competition. The goal of the Just Jerusalem competition is to generate new approaches to, and potential solutions for, the many complex, seemingly intractable problems that the residents of Jerusalem face on a daily basis. By looking at future possibilities for a pluralist, just, and sustainable city shared by Palestinians and Israelis, we hope to encourage new ways of thinking about the many difficult issues and hardships faced by Jerusalemites, regardless of their faith or ethnicity.

Read more on Jerusalem 2050 Competition- Homepage

Organized by Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT and Center for International Studies

  • Other team mates

Haider Talat, Abhinav Kanoongoo

Our Work

To prepare our entries of this competition, we the team of 3 engineers investigated the different areas of Jerusalem and current points of conflicts. Jerusalem is a very special city with different religions sharing places among each other from different centuries. This has made the possibility of different culture to live each other, but at the same time also made series of conflicts in past few years. This has presented various issues in front of us to accommodate needs of different societies and ethnic groups. We thought of some innovative ideas to understand situations such as water shortage, improving financial situation of the city and exhibiting more governance control, keeping in harmony of the personal and religious aspects of this holy city as it steps into the year 2050.

Although we did not win in this competition, each one of us learn a great deal about Urban planning.

Envisioning Peace- Jerusalem Competition

Read our entry

As mentioned in
: Open Source Education For Life Long Learners, 24.07.2014
: MIT OpenCourseWare – Learner Story, Ankit Khandelwal


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