Reduction in Hospital Waste With the Help of Computer Based Algorithm


Authors: Ankit Khandelwal, Anup Kumar, Arjun Kautilya Reddy
Event CHEMCON 2008 (61st Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers) organized at Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology, Punjab University, Chandigarh.
Date 27-30 December, 2008

Hospital waste is becoming an every increasing problem. It is infectious, hazardous and sometimes also radioactive. Despite different methods require for disposing different categories of medical waste, just incinerating (burning) them can cause various different problems. In this short duration project, we have carried out a survey to understand type of waste generating in big hospitals, methods currently adopted by them to dispose such waste and effectiveness of different disposal techniques. Beside the literature survey, project also used some findings from CMC,Vellore (a hospital of the city) into the study.

Based on our study, we have developed a new waste management strategy. It involves classification of different type of wastes, proper treatment during their entire cycle and careful selection of best available practices with economical factors given equal consideration.

A further work on this project, ‘Reduction in hospital waste with the help of computer based algorithm’ has been selected for CHEMCON 2008(61st Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers)

Read more:
‘SCHMCON(Student Indian Chemical Engineering Congress)’
Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers


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