Principles of Cleaner Production

Asian Institute of Technology

Workshop Principles of cleaner production
Duration 3-5 January,2007
Presentator Prof. C. Visvanathan, Professor, Environmental Engineering and Management, Asian Insititute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

Cleaner Production (CP) is defined as a continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products and services to improve eco-efficiency and reduce risks to humans and environment. By using this concept modern industries have proved that they have used their resources efficiently, and reduced both costs and wastes. In this workshop, Prof. Visvanathan has provided an orientation on this concept, practice and technologies of CP. Pollution and energy consumption abatement measures using cleaner production concepts were explained using mass and energy balance; tools to conduct energy and environmental audits; and, water and energy pinch analysis. Cleaner production applications were presented using case studies from selected industrial application.
A competition was also organized in the last day of this workshop, where participants included from B-Tech,3rd Year Chemical Engineering as well as M-Tech, Final year, Environmental Engineering. The team of three (Ankit Khandelwal, Sidharth Sam and Kiran Bhat Kashi) has won the first prize in defining a cleaner production plan for an industrial plant.

zstrong> View:
Getting first prize in the cleaner production workshop small competition with two other team mates

Prof. C. Visvanathan, Professor, Environmental Engineering and Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
Event coverage in VIT Newsletter – Page no 9


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